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Dear guests!

Welcome to "Rostov Hostel"! Please read the rules of placement for your comfort:

1. 24 hours accommodation;

2. The check-in is made through presenting an ID card;

3. The payment is made during check-in;

4. If you are going to change the duration of your stay you should inform the manager not later than 24 hours before;

5. People under 18 years are able to accommmodate in the hostel only with adults;

6. The head of the group is taking  responsibility for the behavior of the whole group in the hostel;

7. Unauthorized people can stay in the hostel from 8 a.m till 10 p.m on request of a resident;

8.You have to pay the penalty which is fixed by administration in case of damage or disappearance of property or equipment;

9. The Hostel administration has the right to place the guests in your room according to the cathegory of your room in case of vacant places in the room.

10. The Hostel administration isn't responsible for the valuable things which hadn't been placed in the safe;

11. The Hostel administration has the right to refuse in placement of people who are drunk or under the drugs;

12. Smoking is allowed only in the established places;

13. You must keep silence in the hostel since 11 p.m till 8 a.m;

14. Please be polite to the other guests;

15. The Hostel administration is not responsible for the public utilities;

16. All guests must keep the fire safety

In case of nonobservance of the hostel policy the administration has the right  to move out the guests on any time without the return of the payment.